How to make the customized gas mask bongs in your home?

Gas mask bongs are one of the wonderful inventions which are very useful for the people who love to smoke. In olden days, the vaporizer is used for the smoking purpose and it also has some drawbacks. The reason is that the classical vaporizer can cause a threat to the eyes while smoking. But, the gas mask bongs overcome these drawbacks and provide many features to the people who are using it. These kinds of the gas mask bongs often available in the market which can need more money to buy. It is happy to say that you can simply make such a gas mask bong in your home to get the best result of smoking. In this article, you can see about how to make the gas mask bongs in your home with the available products.

If you have planned to make the best gas mask bong then you have to get barbed T-pipe, water bong, rubber fitting, electrical tape and plastic tube. Fasten tubes on hand on cartilages in one face of the mask. Make sure that you have placed a rubber fitting in between cartilages and plastic tube. This process is vital to put off smoke from absconding. After that, you have to use the electrical tape to place the tubes tightly.

The next step is to use the barbed T-pipe for connecting plastic tubes. Affix the barbed screw on this pipe. This structure works like a bay for smoke. If you have done it, pop in the weed pipe on this bay. This is advisable to make use of marijuana through the pipe. Thus, you can design your own gas mask bongs for your smoking purpose and also you can use the URL to know more details.