Prevent from novelty id

On coming to prevention process in this kind of issue government of the country should take proper step against the process of novelty id services. This services is available in the Internet to help people of various locality to change their name, photo, address illegally on using the Internet. Same person having different name, photo, address resulted in the criminal case against the person. So the government of the country having proper rights to take any kind of action against the person who involved in this kind of activities it is an important issue take places worldwide that make many unwanted problem on the different identity.

Backdoor process
It is called as backdoor process that is done illegally without the knowledge of the government and polices to protect you from some other problem it is resulted in the criminal offences in international law. Law have complete rights to punish the person who involved in this kind of activities.

Educating from the school level about this kind of illegal issue like novelty id card to the student help in making a good awareness from the childhood help to prevent the next generation people avoid this kind of process and help the polices man to find the person doing illegal issue can be cached with the help of the general public with the by making them basic knowledge about the process and the problem due to this can be possible of making a country that without illegal issue like name change for the same person all this leads to the criminal offences. So that the process doing this kind backdoor process is punishable and the process that can be performed only with government recommended services provider only for legal name, address, photo, change all available under government rules and regulation that can be used for the change in personal data.