The semakan status br1m 2016 insurance is a much needed relief for lower income people

Insurance is actually a very vital factor that every person must have in their lives. But with the lack of knowledge and its advantages by the people, governments of different countries adopt different techniques to promote its benefits. Malaysian government is one amongst the countries in this, which promotes insurance policies through semakan status br1m 2016. Every year the government rolls out an insurance cover for people who live below the poverty line for their financial benefits during crucial times. The government has a few criteria on people who can actually be eligible for this insurance scheme. Some such factors include being the citizen of Malaysia, should be a person whose annual income fall under the poverty line and also their health which should be fine during the time of application. For more details visit

Only those people who satisfy all the conditions would be eligible of getting this insurance policy. The numbers for the insurance is as follows. People who die a natural death and within the country, would be able to earn their family members RM 1000, by their demise But in the case of any major complications like permanent disability or even in the case of any fatal accident, they would be eligible for up to RM 30,000 based on the impact on their lives. The government is actually trying to bring in all the lower income people to the insurance scheme to help in their lives even in case of any loss. The government has so far been able to benefit the lives of about 5.9 million people with this facility. Due to the tremendous response this year for this policy, they have actually planned to increase the low cap to RM 1,200 from next year onwards, based on the current financial position and government stability.