Understand the importance of load test for your website

In order to improve the website functionality, you must perform the load test because it can stimulate different browsers, visitor behaviors and network conditions. In many of the cases performance and load testing are pushed off until and unless end of the development cycle. Load testing along with the cloud provides for the geographical distribution of stimulated users and it will allow the people to do test outside of firewall. With growing demand of website and mobile application performance, Load Test Website is most important one. In case your mobile or web applications load time slow then you must perform the load testing. Most of the people might not focus on this test but it is important one to grab more audience. Aspects of the load testing are most important to website because it provides speed, reliability, stability and scalability. Speed is the important attribute of application and slow running of website might lose potential users.

Actually advanced tester can create the custom scripts with the help of programmer friendly IDE along with the code completion, XML parsing, JSON and data parameterization. Many of the tools can analyze the web page and generate the tool automatically. Bottlenecking is caused when there is issue in coding or hardware error. Some common bottlenecks are there such as CPU utilization, network utilization, operating system limitations and disk usage. This kind of the testing is crucial one to business. Without the scalability and durability of website or app, you can’t do certain things such as content management platforms, internal system, third party resources and content feeds. In a present world many of the global and mobile user require responsive design website. Many of the statistics says that more than five shopping carts are abandoned because of slow website performance so that you must perform this testing.